What we do - Rocks & Logs
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What we do

Stone Design & Consultancy

Natural stones have been our forte since inception empowering us with an extended vertical of offering stone consultancy to various architectural firms, project management consultants, real estate and other related industry domains. We provide our design and technical expertise on buildability, design elements, color shades, sustainability and other technical information on various stones.

Stone Sourcing

We understand every bespoke requirement of each client by sourcing stones from various parts of the globe. Be it onyx, exotic marbles, limestone, granite or more in different forms with varied thicknesses and shapes, we provide due recommendations enhancing the beauty and design elements.

Shop Drawing

For accurate design implementation of marble floor laying, we prepare detailed drawings. They are executed by a team of professional draftsmen and experienced engineers. Different stages of execution include preparing plans, elevations, panel numbering, cutting list and methods of installation.

Project Management

We undertake the entire responsibility of erecting stone work as per client’s satisfaction right from sourcing to planning, execution to monitoring and controlling to closing of the project with valued engineering and proper safety compliances. We prepare detailed interior layout plans, section elevations of building, details of doors, windows, floorings, railings and other related working drawings.


Our team of engineers and project coordinators inspect onsite and execution pattern ensuring total quality management and safety regulations. We carve the most demanding stone fabrications with attention to detail and excellent standards of workmanship. Apart from our pre-dominant expertise of laying marble flooring, dry wall cladding and hard scaping, we also agree to other interior works like carpentry, railing, etc as per the needs and requirements of the client.


Dry Stone Cladding


We at Rocks & Logs with the help of an in-house expert team execute projects of any scale and height for external stone application. We have more than 15 systems of Dry Stone Cladding:


  • Under cut system
  • Acu Framework System
  • Ventilated façade system
  • T31 anchoring
  • SS clamp assembly system and more



Over the years we have earned rich experience in installing various types of onyx, marble, limestone and other natural stones in high end projects, 5 star hotels, exotic resorts in array of shapes, design, inlay as well waterjet and CNC cut designs.


Waterjet Technology


We always march ahead with the technological advancements in the market and waterjet cutting treatment is one of them. No matter what the shape and size of the marble stone may be, we can cut it as per required specifications using high pressure jet water with abrasive material. Final results stand the test of time and yardstick of sheer precision.



Any project is incomplete without external beautification. We expertise in working on stones of varied thicknesses and most creative designs. Giving an edge of attraction to water features and pool applications are our Hardscaping products like cobbles, stone pavers, solid stones, kerb stones, flag stones, balustrades, artifacts and other accessories made from array of natural stones. They are available in variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Circulated Segmented Column


Segmented Column Casing can be in a wide range of profiles. Circular Column Casings, Semi Circular Column Casings, Square Column Casings, Rectangular Column Casings and most other shapes can be made. Virtually any height of Cladding Columns can be achieved. Column Cladding offer a highly flexible solution to enhance the aesthetic appearance, the Column can be covered in different type of stone in any kind of shape. These Columns are erected with safe and sound design and engineering to make it durable and long lasting.


Indian stones are known for their exotic colors and wide variety of inventory. We export premium quality natural stones carved and perfected as per the bespoke needs of our international clients at competitive pricing and unmatched styling details. We ensure international quality packaging and quality control till the order consignment has reached its final destination earning us the fame of the most rapid and reliable brand across international markets.